In January of 2003, Artec was officially born, and although it was a humble beginning, we quickly grew into a well-respected company known for exceptional customer service with uncompromising quality.  As the years have gone by, we have gone through a number of stepping stones to get us to where we are today.  While nearly everything has changed around us, our core values remain the same; providing exceptional service to our clients, taking pride in the craftsmanship of our products, and proving our integrity every day.


Our mission is to provide world class aftermarket automotive parts to off-road enthusiasts.  To break the mold on what has been done in our industry, redefine what performance is and add a level of design never before seen.  We tirelessly exceed our customers’ expectations through every process, and win their trust though exceptional service. 


Our team here at Artec Industries is an exceptional group of people who continually raise the bar in all that they do.  Each team member magnifies their position by always looking for ways to do things better, and being honest in all that they do.


If you would like to join our Rockstar team and carry out this mission, check out the career opportunities below.

Current Career Opportunities

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